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Presidents Message

Hello, On behalf of Haliburton ATV Association and Lake of Bays ATV Club, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our long-time members and invite all other riding enthusiasts to this new publication. As I reflect on the past riding seasons, I have seen the growth of ATV and SXS on the trails. I have met a lot of amazing people that have a love for the outdoors and adventures that this sport has to offer. I look forward to meeting more great people on the trails having a safe experience for all participants. As the ATV and SXS sport grows so does the wear and tear of the trails, making this more challenging to maintain our trail system. Riders are encouraged to stay on trails and respecting the environment landscape and landowners. We are so fortunate that Haliburton County has such divers landscape thought-out, which enables us to offer excellent trail riding conditions and...

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  ​Accidents can and will happen. “Yahoo” riders damage the sustainability of our sport. Be considerate and travel safely. Treat other trail users as a friend regardless of how they treat you. Drinking and ATVing don’t mix. Carry maps and emergency supplies. Always...

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Haliburton ATV Association is one of the biggest ATV Clubs in Ontario, we offer 1000 kms of trails for all types of riders. As an associated Club with Lake of Bays, AWATV, KATVA, and Quad Niagara, that gives riders over 3000 kms of insured, maintained, mapped and signed trails to explore with your ATV’S or SXS’S. Become a member of HATVA and get involved in an amazing club and have a voice in the growing sport.