Report a Trail Outage

We work hard to keep the trails free and ready for you to use but we need help in finding out when a trail is out.  Whenever you see a trail out please report it.

Trail Outage Reporting Form

Fill out the form below to record a trail outage and please include a picture when possible.

Our maintenance crew will review the report and determine how to address it.

Please complete the required fields.
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Haliburton ATV Association is one of the biggest ATV Clubs in Ontario, we offer 1000 kms of trails for all types of riders. As an associated Club with Lake of Bays, AWATV, KATVA, and Quad Niagara, that gives riders over 3000 kms of insured, maintained, mapped and signed trails to explore with your ATV’S or SXS’S. Become a member of HATVA and get involved in an amazing club and have a voice in the growing sport.