About OUr Club

The Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA) is an all volunteer, non-profit, Ontario member association that boasts over 1,000km of ATV trails that are user friendly for all ATV’s and Side by Sides (SxS).



Haliburton ATV Association has one of the largest mapped, signed and insured trail system in Ontario. The club works closely with the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association in their efforts to maintain trails and trail infrastructure in the Haliburton Highlands.

​In the spring, summer and fall, HATVA members participate in official club rides, informal trail rides and trail maintenance throughout the HATVA mapped system. HATVA has a land use permit for County trails. HATVA has a number of private land use permits as well. Approximately 50% of the Haliburton County is Crown Land. Please note many snowmobile trails run on to private land trails where the snowmobile club has land use permits. Snowmobile trails on private land are not open to ATV’s at any time of the year.

​HATVA Trails are located throughout Haliburton and into Muskoka, Almaguin, and Madawaska regions. Trail difficulty varies from forest access roads to extreme deep woods paths that require winches as standard equipment. It is highly recommended that you tour with a club member that knows the trails. Along with the HATVA map, Topo maps, crown land maps and snowmobile maps are a necessity for adventures and they should be cross referenced as required to insure private land owners are respected. Our club has zero tolerance for drinking on the trails and supports responsible ATVing in the spirit of Tread Lightly.

​In addition to private land trails in Haliburton County there is a Municipal owned rail line that runs north into the Haliburton Village area from Kinmount. HATVA Wardens along with County bylaw officers, together with OPP Save Team officers, ensure that riders have either a HATVA, KATVA, LOB or Quad Niagara membership pass on their possession. No other club trail passes are accepted. Side x Sides are NOT permitted on the Haliburton County Rail Trail. As an association we have successfully pursued Highway Traffic Act #316 changes with the Municipality that allow touring via road access linkages.

​ATV/SxS’ers should never travel alone. Crown Land trails are vast and it is easy to become lost so please ride prepared. One or more of our members may informally join you to explore the Haliburton area if you are not familiar with our trails. You can find contact information in the Contact Us section of this web site.

​Remember, all trail users must have HATVA membership pass for private and municipal trails. Many private trails in our network including the Haliburton Rail Trail are wardened so be forewarned. All of HATVA trails are insured and any HATVA member or HATVA associate club, or HATVA pass holder may use our trails.

​Read Important Road Use Bylaws​ Information.

Trespassing Is A CRIME! ATVers who trespass do a disservice to the entire ATV community. It’s illegal – if you don’t know, don’t go. Just because there is a trail somewhere, does not make it okay for ATV’s to use it. Only the designated trails on the HATVA map are legal ATV trails.

​Landowners: If an issue occurs, please take photos, including the plate #’s and report it to the OPP so charges can be laid. Changes are on their way for the Trespassing Act.

Our Executives

President – Mike Bukowski

Vice President – Trevor Vieira


Director – Blair Cooper

Director – Brad Flood

Director – Barry Lord

Director – Bill Johnson, President Lake of Bays ATV Club

Director – Eric Eichler, VP Lake of Bays ATV Club

Past President – Joel Bocknek


Accidents can and will happen. “Yahoo” riders damage the sustainability of our sport. Be considerate and travel safely. Treat other trail users as a friend regardless of how they treat you.

  1. Drinking and ATVing don’t mix.
  2. Carry maps and emergency supplies.
  3. Always wear your helmet and eye protection.
  4. Let someone know where your heading and never wheel alone.
  5. Always carry a pocket knife and waterproof matches.
  6. Take it easy. Life is fast enough, enjoy the scenery.
  7. Know your limitations and your ATV’s limitations.
  8. Respect other trail users and always give way to non motorized users.
  9. Respect the laws in place to protect you from yourself and others.

Trail Ride with Minimum Impact

  1. Stay on the trails.
  2. Minimize wheel spin.
  3. Avoid roosting corners
  4. Avoid soft bottom rivers and streams.
  5. Traverse water crossings slowly and at a 90 degree angle.
  6. Always pack out what you pack in.
  7. Stay off private land.

Want to Join The Club?

Haliburton ATV Association is one of the biggest ATV Clubs in Ontario, we offer 1000 kms of trails for all types of riders. As an associated Club with Lake of Bays, AWATV, KATVA, and Quad Niagara, that gives riders over 3000 kms of insured, maintained, mapped and signed trails to explore with your ATV’S or SXS’S. Become a member of HATVA and get involved in an amazing club and have a voice in the growing sport.