Accidents can and will happen. “Yahoo” riders damage the sustainability of our sport. Be considerate and travel safely. Treat other trail users as a friend regardless of how they treat you.

  1. Drinking and ATVing don’t mix.
  2. Carry maps and emergency supplies.
  3. Always wear your helmet and eye protection.
  4. Let someone know where your heading and never wheel alone.
  5. Always carry a pocket knife and waterproof matches.
  6. Take it easy. Life is fast enough, enjoy the scenery.
  7. Know your limitations and your ATV’s limitations.
  8. Respect other trail users and always give way to non motorized users.
  9. Respect the laws in place to protect you from yourself and others.

Trail Ride with Minimum Impact

  1. Stay on the trails.
  2. Minimize wheel spin.
  3. Avoid roosting corners
  4. Avoid soft bottom rivers and streams.
  5. Traverse water crossings slowly and at a 90 degree angle.
  6. Always pack out what you pack in.
  7. Stay off private land.